Kolight CCTV Camera Cable

Colour Available : White / Black / Blue

Length Available :

90 Mtrs.

Used in:
HDTV Computer DVD Camera


1. All in one cable including power supply+Video+Audio, Availability in 1+2,1+3,1+4,1+6,1+8 as per the user requirement

2. Coaxial has hard copper video wire with alloy/copper shielding as per requirement

3. Heavy Braiding used for shielding to reduce signal interference

4. PE material used to strengthen against dielectric losses

5. Rest cores are can be used for power supply, audio signals , etc

6. Copper used in cores is multi-stranded

7. Outer sheath made with sturdy PVC for durability

8. Our Cable ensures good quality signals for your Surveillance , and longer lasting Set-ups