Kolight High Speed HDMI to HDMI 1.4V Ethernet 3D Full HD 1080p

Colour Available : Black

Length Available :

1.5 Mtrs. | 3 Mtrs. | 5 Mtrs. | 10 Mtrs.
15 Mtrs. | 20 Mtrs. | 25 Mtrs. | 30 Mtrs.

Used in:
HDTV Computer DVD Camera


1. Perfect for connecting your HDMI capable PS3 or XBox 360 to a HDTV.

2. Pure Copper Wire Using Special Processing of PCOCC provides great signal
    transmission performance

3. Modular structure to eliminate stress on wire preventing its easy breakage

4. Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality

5. Supports all new HDMI advanced features such as 3D, Audio Return Channel,
    Ethernet, up to 7.1 Dolby®

6. TrueHD and DTS-HD Master AudioTM.

7. Full Shield and Gold Plated Connectors for Better Image / Sound Quality/ Stable signal
    transmit and more durable