Kolight Speaker Cable TCBC / BCBC Transparent

Colour Available : Crystal Clear

Length Available :

91 Mtrs

Used in:
SWG Available :

14/38, 23/38, 40/38,70/38, 14/36, 23/36, 40/36, 70/36


1. Ultra low inductance ensures that the high current signal flowing through these cables will lose minimal amount of energy

2. Better polarity is achieved by transparent coating with red line on one side

3. Oxygen free conductor is used to provide improved acoustics

4. Lower noise floor and cleaner sound

5. Multi -twist construction for improved sonic imaging and clarity

6. PE Insulation on copper is optional, it is generally used for further reduction of any noise

7. Transparent PVC used for better looks

8. Easy to connect

9. Highly flexible