At Sirocco we believe to move with the present time and venture into new technologies to provide the world with high quality and proficient products.

We have already been in the cable industry for the past 3 decades and have a very diversified product line, starting from the generic Round cables to Networking, CCTV and Microphone cables, now HDMI Cables and so on.

Recently we have entered in the LED industry where we have started a new line of energy saving products like LED bulbs, par lights, flood lights, etc. to help in the development of a Energy efficient new world.

Our products have the best quality and robust construction to provide a stable output and a everlasting life, this is realised by using premium quality raw materials and a very specific quality analysis where each and every unit is checked at various steps before it reaches the consumer.

We give priority to our customers to provide them with the best possible solutions, because this is the only way to form everlasting relations.

Products Dealt With:

Microphone, CCTV, Power and Networking Cables
2. Power, Computer, Microphone, Networking, Snake Cords
3. Par LEDs, Flood Lights, LED Tubes, LED Surface Light, Bulbs.